9 Big Discoveries by Curiosity for its 9th Landiversary

Dr. Tanya Harrison
9 min readAug 5, 2021

Nervous Mars scientists around the world watched with bated breath as the behemoth Curiosity rover began its descent toward the surface of the Red Planet, known as the “Seven Minutes of Terror.”

We’d never sent something this size to land on Mars. We’d never used anything like the Skycrane to land on another world.

This was an audacious mission, and we all knew it.

Thankfully for all of us—and probably for the continued future of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program in general—the Skycrane…

Dr. Tanya Harrison

Professional Martian. Geoscientist. Former operations team member for Opportunity, Curiosity, & the Mars Recon. Orbiter. Views = my own.