The Lost Lure of Space Tourism?

Artist’s rendering of a tourist aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard flight. Credit: Blue Origin
Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo in flight above the Mojave Desert. Credit: Virgin Galactic
Sorry, but you won’t be taking your own Tesla on a trip around the Moon anytime soon. Credit: SpaceX
Astronaut John Glen relaxes after his flight aboard the Mercury capsule Friendship 7, becoming the first American to orbit the Earth in February 1962. (Let’s face it, astronauts will always look cooler in sunglasses than any other human.) Credit: NASA
Stephen Hawking experiencing weightlessness aboard a Zero G flight in 2007. Credit: Zero Gravity Corporation

Professional Martian. PhD Geoscientist at Planet Labs. Former operations team member for Opportunity, Curiosity, & the Mars Recon. Orbiter. Views = my own.

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